Welcome to the Gentle Lentil!

Kenosha Pass, Colorado. Photo by Becca Strang

Welcome to the Gentle Lentil!

First of all, what a stupid name for a blog but rhyming “legumes” is hard work.

I have been considering creating this blog for years to compile my thoughts and sort through what it means to live more simply and compassionately. I imagined it would allow me to deconstruct what I have learned to help others, along with wrestle with questions and contradictions I have myself!

First, some background:

When I was 21, I took my first steps towards to a plant-based life and went meat-free for a summer while I lived with my roommates (Mom and Dad) in the suburbs of Chicago (land of meats and cheeses and Michael Jordan).  I should note that during this time, I completed an internship at a marketing agency that created McDonalds Happy Meal Toys.  It was actually this internship that made me pivot to become a lawyer because I loathed how much effort and time it took to create a cheap toy that would eventually be thrown away.

I lived in a sorority at Indiana University (shout-out to Delta Gamma’s house mom, Suzie Kyle) and did not have control over my meals or my morals.  After a successful summer free of meat, however, I vowed that after graduation I would commit to the veg-life.  It took another seven years to cut animals products completely out of my consumption. Seven cheesey-eggy years!  My only regret is that I did not do it sooner; I have now been vegan for three years.

Becoming vegan has so significantly changed how I view my connection with the world. I’m light years away from perfection, but veganism is one way that I have attempted to live with a smaller footprint.

In this blog, you will find facts, thoughts, questions, waffles, memes, and advice.  I will write about Rocko’s Modern Life, animal agriculture, and working kind practices into my day-to-day.  There will be insights from famous thinkers on this subject because there are SO MANY people who have wrestled with this topic.  There will probably be cursing because a well-placed swear-word is delish.

Additionally, as an environmental lawyer who studied animal rights in law school, I will delve into the legal implications of animal exploitation.  I am by no means an expert, so I will be including further reading and education in future posts for those who are interested (for instance, did you know there are laws governing how far livestock trucks can travel before they have to give cows, pigs, or sheep water?).

As a reader, I welcome you to ask questions, raise arguments, send suggestions of reading or other media, and tell me your thoughts!  What are your feelings?!  How was your day?!  What do you put on your waffles?! 

This blog additionally opens with this disclaimer: There are so many ways to make a life!  This is how I’m choosing to live but I would love to hear about how you are working sustainability, kindness, and environmental concerns into your life.  I learn from friends and family (and even Instagram), the ways in which I can better myself and I hope that readers here will be a sounding-board, as well.

Welcome sweet angel kittens,



  1. We have been kicking around an idea for a restaurant with the same name where everything on the menu would have lentils in it.


  2. I am SO excited about this that I’m literally dancing in the kitchen while I eat salad right now!!!! Of the non-vegan variety but still!

    I can’t wait to read more. Also, I like honey and ghee on my protein waffles. Also not vegan in the least but you know i’ll Try for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would actually be awesome to get some of your plant-based recipes on here! Let me know if you’re willing to share and I’ll link to a website or credit you otherwise 😙


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